Parking at Darwin Airport

For quick pick ups and drop offs, there is a lane directly in front of the terminal. There is a two-minute time limit, and cars must not be left driverless in this lane.
The short term carpark is located directly opposite the terminal building, with entrances along the drop off lane and also on Henry Wrigley Drive. It is a take-a-ticket payment system, with pay stations to pay at before exiting. Parking is free for the first 15 minutes, $5 for an hour and $8 for 3 hours with the price progressing from there.
The long term carpark is within an easy walking distance of the terminal building at around 200 metres away. The General Aviation carpark on Pederson road is used as an overflow during peak times. There is a marked footpath from there to the terminal, a distance of 450 metres. It can also be used as a reduced-cost option for long-term stays at the terminal. The long term carpark costs $14 per day or part thereof, and the General Aviation is $12 per day for long stays.

Updated October 2013 by Chris Houston. Information is subject to change at any time.